In the Community

It takes a village…

SOS Children’s Village BC understands the true meaning of this statement. Working with youth aging out of care (19 years old, no longer in foster care) brings additional challenges in helping them further education and find employment opportunities, and maintaining social networks in tough times. The competitive edge here is access to the internet, but with funding tight, the idea of setting up wifi in multiple locations was cost-prohibitive.

That’s where Uniserve came in. An initiative headed up by Chere Croteau (our Director of Customer Experience) meant reaching out to SOS Children’s Village to find out how they may be best supported with the programs that they run. The result? Setting up WiFi and internet access at the SOS Year Intensive Houses as well as the village centre that supports the young students and staff that run the programs.

“Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Uniserve representatives, access to Internet at the village provides resources to our children and youth to help support their personal development, provide educational support and access to information for our young students and youth who are attending post-secondary schools. SOS Children’s Villages BC also uses the village center, on-site where all five homes are located, to bring workshops and education seminars to our youth aging out of care and foster parents caring for children with behavioral challenges. Uniserve has helped ensure that these resources are sustained and accessible to our vulnerable families.”
– Kistie Singh, Village Director

To find out more about the impact this has made on the children of SOS Children’s Village, watch our interview with Village Director Kistie Singh.