Welcome to Your Smarter Home

Technology is changing the home – and the way homeowners interact with them. It’s about efficiency, environmental friendliness, and a smartphone interface. Now, more than ever, homeowners have the ability to leverage technology to make their home work for them.

Enter Uniserve TV. Powered by Apple TV, our platform enables users to access hundreds of channels and streaming Apps including Netflix and YouTube. Uniserve TV is also your gateway to a smarter home, offering intelligent lighting options, remote thermostat controls, advanced security and much more. All at the touch of a button, or through Siri’s voice recognition platform.

Uniserve TV – Your Gateway to a Smart Home

The interface is simple and intuitive to use. If you’re comfortable using a smartphone, you’re ready to get started. With Apple TV as your smart home hub, you can start building your preferences right away, adding new products over time as your needs and requirements expand. What’s more, the platform can be updated as new and innovative smart home technologies come to market. We like to call this future-proof.

Creating the Perfect Home Environment
As technology changes, so do the options available to homeowners. With hundreds of products to choose from, it’s important to remember the five key elements to a smart home to help you make the right choices:

  • Energy
  • Security
  • Atmosphere
  • Convenience
  • Entertainment
In the case of Uniserve, we excel at Communications and Entertainment, but with Apple TV at the core of our offering, incorporating other elements is a simple process.

Energy – A smart home works around your schedule; it learns and anticipates your energy needs. For example, when no one is home, heating and air-coediting are minimized. This saves you money and creates a more energy-efficient home.

Security – A smart home keeps watch over your property 24/7, giving you peace of mind when you’re not there. It’s also ideal for families – you can keep track of who is coming and going, safely.

Convenience – As life gets busier, it’s nice to have a little help on the everyday tasks that keep a house running. From intelligent fridges that create shopping lists and send them to your phone, to smart washer and dryer units, smart home technologies help with the mundane stuff, enabling you to enjoy more free time.

Atmosphere – You’re unique, so why shouldn’t your home be tailored to you? Smart homes create a comfortable atmosphere based on individual preferences so that everyone in the home is getting the most out of their environment.

Entertainment – Last, but certainly not least! Smart homes can entertain us. From learning your musical tastes to delivering theatre like streaming video, smart home technology means having a blast staying in.­­­