Thank you for your interest in Uniserve TV. We are currently at capacity for our beta testing of this service that we introduced in late 2017.

Uniserve strives for the best customer service and integrity of product. That is why we test new products in phases – to deliver you quality performance.

As we continue to test this service, we will not be taking new orders for Uniserve TV. Please call us at 604-395-3900 or fill out the form below to be the first to know when we’re ready to expand our services.

We look forward to launching Uniserve TV to all of our customers very soon. Stay tuned!





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Dim the lights. Adjust the temperature. Make sure your home is secure. With Apple TV as the engine of this product, Uniserve TV is your gateway to a smart home. With hundreds of innovative products supported, the ability to create your custom space is now literally at your fingertips, or, thanks to Siri, you can can control it all through a powerful voice recognition interface.

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