Take advantage of digital technology at home with Uniserve’s affordable digital phone service, available across Canada. Enjoy the same great sound quality as traditional home telephone services at a fraction of the cost.

Using an Internet phone service to call 911 is different than using a traditional phone service. Always note your location, do not disconnect the call until instructed to do so, and ensure you have a back up phone in case of internet phone service disconnection.

For your safety, please note the important differences between using an Internet phone service (also known as VoIP phone service or digital phone service) to call 911 instead of a traditional telephone service.

  • With traditional phone service, your 911 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With Uniserve Internet phone service, your 911 call is sent to a third-party service provider, who then automatically or manually routes your call to the emergency response centre.
  • Immediately inform the emergency operator of your location, name and contact information whenever you call 911. Because you can move your digital phone between locations, the operator may not know where you are.
  • Do not disconnect your 911 call until you are instructed to do so by the emergency dispatcher. If you are disconnected accidentally, call back immediately.
  • Keep your service address up to date in the event that you are not able to tell the emergency dispatcher your location. The system will attempt to provide them with your service address, which is where help will be sent if you are unable to communicate your location.
  • Have a back-up plan. Internet connectivity and power are both necessary for your Internet phone service to work, so ensure that you have a back-up plan in case of power, network or Internet outage, or in the event of your service being disconnected due to non-payment. Having a cell phone or other alternative telephone on hand will to increase the reliability of your access to 911 emergency during any phone service interruptions.
  • Inform other people who will be using your Internet phone service about these 911 service differences.

Uniserve’s Terms of Service limit and disclaim liability related to 911 service, and provide additional information on using your internet phone service to call 911. To receive a hard copy of these terms, call 1.877.864.7378.